About THESERA G – Auto Regeneration – Spicule Therapy

THESERA G treatment uses sea sponge spicules from non-contaminated areas of the ocean, gently pushed into the skin by rubbing and tapping. Once inside the skin, it stimulates the cells for ~72 hours.

Its process exfoliates dead skin cells, controls the production of sebum, and kills acne germs. It also boosts cellular metabolism in the epidermis. We have seen amazing results for all types of skin problems, including acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, scarring, minimizing fine lines, brightening the skin, and giving you a glass skin look.

The unique sea sponge spicules penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and attach themselves to the damaged skin cells, excess oil, dead skin, melanin, acne bacteria, etc. It then works from the inside out by pushing the debris to the surface.

This treatment is great to reduce the following conditions:

  1. Acne
  2. Acne scar
  3. Acne Pigmentation
  4. Sunspots
  5. Brown spots
  6. Aging spots
  7. Blackheads
  8. Large pores
  9. Freckles
  10. Keratosis pilaris
  11. Seborrheic skin
  12. Fine lines

You will see a difference after the first treatment. However, based on specific needs, you may need up to 3 treatments to optimize the results.

THESERA G – Auto Regeneration – Spicule Therapy - Dermature

What to expect




60 minutes


Dry needling Absorption growth factor Moisture locking stage Activating growth factor and moisture Recommended Sessions You can see the results right away! Final results in 3 weeks. Ideally a package of 4 (1 per week) for optimal results.


For 3 days to avoid -Alcohol -Intense exercise - Sun - Saunas - Stay as hydrated as possible - When applying skincare products at home, do not rub them into the skin as long as you can feel the spicules. Simply tap them into the skin until absorbed.

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THESERA G – Auto Regeneration – Spicule Therapy Price

  • 330$ THESERA G – Auto Regeneration – Spicule Therapy

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