About Back Facials

Back facials can help improve the look and feel of the skin on your back by providing deep cleansing, hydration, and possibly eliminating blemishes. Additionally, this type of treatment can help reduce tension in muscles located in the upper back area.
If you are experiencing acne on the back or congestion, the back facial is perfect for you! It Is also who feel their skin is dry and sensitive. This treatment includes cleansing, Hydrabrasion treatment, exfoliation, extractions, a customized mask and moisturizing the skin on the back.

Back Facials Montreal

What to expect


60 minutes

Recommended Sessions

Dependent upon your skin concern and desired outcome. The average client repeats the treatment every 6 weeks for optimal results.


Leaves your skin soft, hydrated, and clean.

Removes a build-up of dirt, oil, keratin, and dead skin cells.

Helps heal and clear breakouts.

Reduces inflammation. 

Stimulates collagen production.