About Rosacea Treatment

At Dermature we use Sharplight Omnimax S4 for clients concerned about rocasea.

Discover the exceptional benefits of using the Omnimax S4 system for rosacea treatments. This advanced technology provides targeted solutions to alleviate the symptoms of rosacea and restore comfort to your skin.

One of the key advantages of the Omnimax S4 system is its ability to reduce redness, a common and often bothersome symptom of rosacea. By employing customizable settings, it effectively targets the underlying causes of redness, resulting in a more even and balanced complexion.

In addition to reducing redness, the Omnimax S4 system helps soothe inflammation, providing much-needed relief for individuals experiencing discomfort or sensitivity associated with rosacea. The advanced technology behind this system is designed to deliver gentle and non-invasive treatments, making it suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

Rosacea can sometimes lead to rough or uneven skin texture. The Omnimax S4 system addresses this concern by stimulating collagen production, which can result in improved skin texture and a smoother overall appearance.

One of the notable advantages of the Omnimax S4 system is its flexibility in providing customized treatments. With adjustable settings and treatment options, it caters to the specific needs and concerns of each individual, ensuring personalized and tailored approaches to rosacea treatment.

Moreover, the results achieved with the Omnimax S4 system are long-lasting and sustainable, allowing individuals to enjoy ongoing improvements in their skin's appearance and condition.

Undergoing rosacea treatments with the Omnimax S4 system ensures you are in the hands of skincare professionals with expertise in this advanced technology, guaranteeing safe and effective outcomes.

Experience the transformative benefits of the Omnimax S4 system and regain your confidence with visible results, enhanced comfort, and a renewed sense of self-esteem for your skin affected by rosacea.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterized by persistent redness, flushing, and the appearance of small blood vessels (telangiectasia) on the face. Broken capillaries, or telangiectasias, are dilated blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin, often caused by factors such as sun damage, aging, or skin trauma. These conditions can cause discomfort and can be difficult to conceal, leading individuals to seek effective treatment options.
Rosacea Treatment in Montreal Esthetic Clinic - Dermature | Traitement de la rosacée à Montréal - Clinique esthétique Dermature

What to expect




60 minutes

Recommended Sessions

In general, we recommend 6-10 treatments, 2-6 weeks apart.


There is no downtime; there is no visible irritation after treatments. Treatments are non-invasive, safe, relatively painless and do not require anesthesia. Treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.

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