What to expect


60 minutes

Recommended Sessions

In general, we recommend 6-10 treatments, 2-6 weeks apart.


There is no downtime; there is no visible irritation after treatments.

Treatments are non-invasive, safe, relatively painless and do not require anesthesia.

Treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.

Vascular & Pigement Lesions Treatments

At Dermature we use Sharplight Omnimax S4 for vascular & pigemented lesions clients concerned about rocasea, sun, spots, broken cappilaries and more.

Rosacea,broken capillaries and sun spots can be persistent skin conditions that cause redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels, affecting one's self-confidence and overall appearance. Fortunately, there is a remarkable solution available – the Omnimax S4 treatment.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterized by persistent redness, flushing, and the appearance of small blood vessels (telangiectasia) on the face. Broken capillaries, or telangiectasias, are dilated blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin, often caused by factors such as sun damage, aging, or skin trauma. These conditions can cause discomfort and can be difficult to conceal, leading individuals to seek effective treatment options.

Omnimax S4 is a cutting-edge technology specifically designed to treat a range of vascular and pigmented lesions, including rosacea and broken capillaries. This advanced system combines multiple wavelengths and integrated cooling for precise and efficient treatment, delivering exceptional results with minimal discomfort or downtime.

Using selective photothermolysis, Omnimax S4 targets and safely treats blood vessels and excess pigment in the skin. The device emits specific wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the targeted structures, collapsing and dissolving them without damaging the surrounding skin. The integrated cooling system enhances patient comfort during the procedure, providing a soothing sensation.

Benefits of Omnimax S4 Treatment for sun spots, rosacea and broken capppilaries:
The Omnimax S4 technology precisely targets the blood vessels and pigment responsible for rosacea and broken capillaries, reducing their appearance and promoting clearer skin.

The Omnimax S4 treatment is highly customizable, allowing healthcare professionals to tailor the settings according to each patient's specific needs. This personalized approach ensures optimal and targeted results.

Omnimax S4 treatments are well-tolerated, with most patients reporting minimal discomfort during the procedure. Additionally, the non-invasive nature of the treatment allows individuals to resume their regular activities shortly afterward, with no significant downtime required.

After undergoing a recommended series of treatments, patients can expect to see a significant reduction in redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels. Results are long-lasting, although maintenance treatments may be necessary to sustain the desired outcome.

To begin the journey towards clear and radiant skin, it is recommended to schedule a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional experienced in Omnimax S4 treatments. During your consultation, the professional will assess your specific concerns and devise a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. The number of sessions required may vary depending on the severity of the condition.

With the advanced Omnimax S4 technology, individuals struggling with rosacea, broken capillaries and sun spots can achieve clear and radiant skin. This highly effective and customizable treatment offers significant and long-lasting results, allowing patients to regain their confidence and enjoy a more even complexion.


Pre-treatment care

Discontinue Accutane 6 months prior to treatment.

Discontinue use of Retinoic Acid products 2 weeks to treatment.

Avoid sun exposure or the use of tanning beds and self-tanners for at least four to eight weeks, prior and/or between IPL treatments (dependant on skin type).

Do not exfoliate, use glycolic acid, benzyl peroxide or any other skin irritants for one week prior to treatment.

Discontinue using bleaching creams for 2 weeks prior to treatment and perfumed products(eg. Aromatherapy oils/Essential oils) for 48 hours before treatment.

Avoid Microdermabrasion’s or peels for two weeks prior to treatment

If the skin is red, irritated or sunburned, the IPL treatment must be rescheduled.

Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours prior to the clinical treatment.

Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water immediately before an IPL treatment.

Post-treatment care

Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds or self-tanners for at least 2-3 weeks after a treatment. Apply Sun Protective Cream of SPF 50+, 15 minutes prior to sun exposure.

For at least two weeks post Skin Rejuvenation/Vascular/Pigmentation treatment, do not use: harsh topical exfoliations, glycolic acid, benzyl peroxide, acne creams etc.

For 1 week, avoid hot baths, showers, hot tubs and saunas.

Avoid strenuous exercise for 24- 48 hours following clinical treatment.

Avoid strong chlorinated water for 24 hours post IPL treatment.

Are the treatments safe and painless?

SharpLight's pulsed-light treatments are non-invasive and 100% safe and pain free.

How much downtime will I have?

There is no downtime associated with the treatments so you are able to immediately resume your regular activities.